Wordpress Websites

The most common web design platform that exists online is Wordpress. Wordpress is more commonly known as a CMS (content management system) and there are many other popular CMS providers that are free to use. These types of websites are popular because any person, regardless of technical knowledge, can create a simple wordpress site with enough dedication and time.

When doing research online, it's quite common to see information resource websites utilize a CMS to organize 100s or 1000s of pages. Many businesses do not need optimized HTML websites and Wordpress is a great substitute if there are not specific aesthetic criteria to consider. Wordpress websites also allow our Clients to make simple changes alone creating self-sufficiency to update your customers at will.

Viterbi SEO often implements Wordpress as a component of larger scale SEO campaigns. It's not practical to maintain an HTML based blog and so Wordpress is used to provide our a Clients a user and mobile friendly platform to generate new content weekly or even daily. Any efforts to provide new, unique content on the web does not go unnoticed by search engines. Content based marketing has become a foundation to having the most effective internet marketing in place.