HTML Websites

Most of your customers will not know the difference between the type of website you have and others they visit. At the end of the day, our Clients might not either, but HTML websites utilize a programming platform that allow for the most on-site optimization. Key website components such as (1) page priority, (2) link architecture, (3) code:text ratio, and (4) content layout can be more readily manipulated by web developers specializing in SEO (search engine optimization).

HTML websites have no design limitations whereas other programming languages require complicated programming syntax, often limiting web developers to pre-designed website templates. Website templates require designers and their Clients to "cookie cut" ideas to fit the template layout. Many popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer, have an easy reference feature allowing users to view the source code of any website they visit.

Even lay people can independently note the over saturation of code vs text in visual editing based platforms if shown one in comparison to a HTML website. Many web designers to not implement SEO strategies into their work and so it's common for Viterbi SEO to recommend a re-design as a preliminary SEO requirement.