Google+, also known as Google Plus, is a relatively recent attempt by Google to gain market share in the social media space. To their credit, they have succeeded in adding over 100 million unique monthly visitors to their already dominating website. Originally Google+ did not have much else to offer uses considering other social media websites and the fact that users were required to have a Gmail account, whereas other social media sites do not.

Google didn't become one of the largest companies on Earth by failing too easily. Since they were dominating the Local Maps space, Google combined their local listings with Google+ to indirectly force every business owner to either learn this new platform or fall behind to competitors recognizing shifts in internet marketing strategies.

Many websites and mobile devices offer easy sharing tools to allow visitors and users the capability to post content to Google+ without actually logging directly. We recommend to our Clients sharing interesting articles or YouTube videos on Google+ as the easiest way to stay active.