Off-Site SEO

Off-site optimization refers to SEO efforts made using external blogs, press releases and web articles to create referral links. Depending on the authority and relevance of these "backlinks", SEO results can be drastically improved. The issue with off-site SEO is how easily and often it certain strategies are abused, which over time has decreased the importance of any direct link building.

Developing good content with off-site SEO will always generate organic backlinks that search engines will recognize as truly natural. We have developed proprietary strategies that take advantage of content marketing and on-site SEO by developing a vertical of secondary ".com's" that aid in keyword or geo-specific searches. In our experience, it makes sense to distribute off-site SEO efforts to create the largest web presence possible.

As web crawlers scan the internet, each external website with your URL will increase the index frequency of your website. Index frequency is a terms describing the occurrence of visits of web crawlers to your website. Any updates you make to your website are identified sooner and as time passes, your website authority will increase and is quantified by Google's PageRank scale.