On-Site SEO

On-site optimization refers to SEO efforts made to the programming script of your website. This is the most technical component of SEO and many specialist offer the most limited aspects of this service. Most web designers do not have a background in computer science and rely on visual editing based platforms to develop simple websites.

In the most layman terms, on-site SEO involves reducing & organizing code on key web pages so that text and graphics are more prominent to search engines. Other more technical aspects like page priority levels and link architecture can be controlled by SEO experts.

We offer consulting that revolves around bridging any gaps in understanding using many examples to help visualize and illustrate what on-site optimization involves. With a background in data modeling, Viterbi SEO provides the most efficient use of any pre-existing website authority. Although this term might be unfamiliar to you, Google has created a logarithmic scale to quantify website authority using a PageRank scale.

Google defines PageRank (PR) as a "page's relevance or importance". There have been large shifts in search engine algorithms to recognize user experience as a major component of optimization since website performance metrics cannot be abused. The main goal of SEO is to provide additional value to the internet. On-site SEO is also involves professional writing and graphic design.