Mr. Ramirez is the Owner of Viterbi SEO Mgmt, a marketing firm specializing in Exclusive Business Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Resource Management. For the past six years, Mr. Ramirez has provided internet consulting to Clients within the following varying industries: radiology, real estate, law, medicine, technology and psychology.

Mr. Ramirez has gained valuable selling strategies from having comprehensive market knowledge in each of these areas of business, vastly improving website performance for the Clients we serve. With numerous proprietary online marketing strategies, we provide turnkey solutions for Clients in Southern California.

Viterbi SEO utilizes long withstanding engineering principles to increase passive, online lead generation for start-ups and small businesses. It's important to choose an internet consultant that executes strategies designed to manage resources & convert traffic effectively.


Mr. Ramirez earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering (BMME) from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2005. Completed in 4 years (2001 - 2005), this unique field of study is the only 5 year engineering program at USC; coursework including biomedical, mechanical, electrical & chemical engineering, computer science and the Pre-Med requirements to attend medical school.


In 2005, Mr. Ramirez authored an essay titled Ethics of Animal Research in Biomedical Engineering, which received recognition by the USC Pre-Law Advisor. Awarded 3rd in the Professional Ethics category, the Undergraduate Writer's Conference was a campus wide writing competition with over 150 submissions by students in all areas of study. Read More.

Every 6 years, USC campus administration selects a panel from all BME students and professors to review comprehensively the Biomedical Engineering Department. Mr. Ramirez, along with three others, represented the undergraduate portion of the review panel; a prestigious acknowledgement and recognition amongst hundreds of biomedical engineering students.


With a background in programming, statistics & data modeling, Mr. Ramirez created proprietary SEO methods to help increase online presence and website traffic for many small businesses in Southern California. Mr. Ramirez has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to optimize websites to rank well for very competitive, non geo-specific keywords. Precise methods are required to provide SEO services for industries that encounter authoritative web pages from nationally recognized OEM, corporation, government and news media websites. Some strategies necessary to compete include:

  • Conduct keyword research to increase search engine position.
  • Optimize site architecture to raise indexing frequency.
  • Identify alternative keyword derivatives to maximize relevant traffic.
  • Develop campaigns that leverage industry network websites.
  • Monitor Google Analytics to enhance website performance.
  • Analyze SERP reports and determine opportunities to improve results.

Mr. Ramirez has extensive experience interacting with customers though various channels of communication. The key to improving conversion rates is creating content and correspondence that not only meets the individual needs of each customer, but also solidifies in their mind the decision to transact in business. Some techniques necessary to provide turnkey marketing solutions include:

  • Develop unique, keyword optimized website content.
  • Draft and revise written correspondence with customers.
  • Create marketing materials, contracts & customer proposals.
  • Revise out-going communications to ensure consistent company image.
  • Analyze large quantities of data from cross marketing channels.