SEO Ethics

The ethics of optimizing websites has been described in the SEO industry as "white hat" and "black hat" SEO (search engine optimization). Like most aspects of life, SEO can be manipulated and abused to achieve faster results as well. Search engines, such as Google, didn't make billions of dollars without creating consequences to deter black hat SEO efforts. The internet wouldn't function as it does today if individuals or small groups could easily manipulate the web.

For our Clients, it's important to recognize what SEO strategies are considered black hat and to be sure not to pay for those services. Google has over 60% of the total search engine market share and they have achieved the significant dominance over Yahoo and Bing, both having 15% each, by providing users the most relevant and helpful search results.

Search engines in general work the same way, but Google has the most sophisticated algorithm that is able to weight the value of information provided on millions of websites and position them in order of most to lease relevant. In other words, provide Google with the most helpful content for customers in your industry and result will be steady growth in organic traffic without much continuous effort.