This social media site might be the least popular, but may actually serve the greatest benefit for your business standing at #3 in total unique monthly visitors who are mostly business owners and other professionals. Depending on your industry, networking with others on Linkedin can be a great source of business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Linkedin, unlike other social media websites, does not necessarily require constant interaction with customers and for this reason is an easy account for business owners to maintain alone.

In order for your customers to find you better, social media accounts such as Linkedin and many others can help control the web presence of your business. For example, if you have successfully helped 1000s of customers, but one happens to be unhappy with time on their hands, even one bad review on the web about your business has alarming impact. One of the easiest ways to displace these types of search results that don't accurately represent your business is by using Linkedin and other social media platforms.