Instagram is quickly becoming one of the largest social media platform considering its limitation to mobile devices. Mobile use is growing more and more as the convenience to browse the web on faster, larger smart phones increases. Due to visual nature of Instagram, users will notice quickly that staying active will result in rapidly growing fan base.

Social media in general is a branding tool for most businesses. In some industries, such as entertainment, marketing channels like Instagram can offer sustainable growth; however, for start-ups and small businesses Instagram might be limited to add legitimacy to new businesses. There are many ways to abuse the following of social media accounts and for this reason their effectiveness and relationship to SEO is almost non-existent.

In order for your customers to find you better, social media accounts such as Instagram and many others can help control the web presence of your business. For example, if you have successfully helped 1000s of customers, but one happens to be unhappy with time on their hands, even one bad review on the web about your business has alarming impact. One of the easiest ways to displace these types of search results that don't accurately represent your business is by actively using Instagram and other social media platforms.