As the name suggests, these types of websites facilitate entire transactions for customers completely online. This might sound amazing, but there a lot of hurdles to overcome before we recommend to our Clients building an eCommerce website. The first consideration and question we ask Clients during a consulting session is how many transactions are currently being conducted each day?

The basis for having an eCommerce website should be to streamline volume sales online and eliminate expenses. Many consumers online have naturally become apprehensive to make purchases online without at least speaking to a live phone Representative to make sure they're not participating in a "scam". If you're business is very well established and you have a volume of sales, Viterbi SEO can help you grow to another level regardless of the size of your business, but many of our Clients have start-ups and small businesses not yet ready to commit directly to an eCommerce website platform.

One of the most important considerations of converting traffic well is making it very easy for your customers to reach you. If you limit customers to a contact form or email, they might not want to wait for a reply and find a competitor. One of the largest SEO considerations having an eCommerce website is the limitation to manipulate the script to optimize for search engines.

We recommend to our Clients eliminating the constraints of most eCommerce websites by keeping your business directly involved in the purchasing process until it becomes unpractical. Depending on your business this number can be different.