Website Adspace

If you're looking for a cost-effective PPC campaign, website adspace might be the best solution for your business. The reason being is you can save tremendous money working with another smaller (than Google) business not necessarily supported exclusively by collective advertising fees. This type of advertising results in large savings and new partnerships with other businesses in your industry.

For example, leading chess website uses this strategy to fullest extent by working with a myriad of non-competing websites to market their online chess membership service. It's very common to see adspace tiles on popular chess tutorial websites and many others. In some instance there's an opportunity to pay a fixed cost per month and not necessarily pay per click.

If there's a website, blog or forum you feel has visitors matching the demographic base to create customers for your business, be creative and reach out to them and make an offer. Many companies do not leverage their website to create advertising income and so why take advantage of this before the opportunity changes. An internet consultant can assist doing this for you if you're drawn to this advertising option.