Depending on the internet consultant you choose, their opinion on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) will always be different. For most cases, PPC campaigns are not recommended by our marketing firm. Many marketing channels have a limited scope of effectiveness due to the nature of paid advertising.

There is no residual value to PPC campaigns and so your business will always maintain a fixed or growing advertising expense. In other words, there is no end goal to achieve and the sustainability of your business growth is severely diminished. As shown below, marketing can be an investment of your resources.

Traffic Results Months Days
Traffic Quality High Medium
Upfront Costs Low High
Marketing Investment High None
Expertise Required High Low

SEO  Although most SEO campaigns take months to see noticeable results, if done correctly, the time and money is well worth the wait. In some instances, highly geo-specific, niche businesses can see results in just weeks! Establishing a web presence online for the keywords your customers search to find business services and products is easiest way to generate leads passively. The traffic you receive to your website will be the highest quality visitors because there are no "pay-per-click" incentives to land on your page.

Relatively speaking, SEO is a much more affordable option if you are working directly with an internet consultant. Budgets for SEO can often remain fixed or decrease with time, once a predetermined set of results is met. Unlike SEO, PPC campaigns become less effective over-time because the opportunities to bid on affordable keywords is reduced significantly. Due to the very technical nature of SEO, very little contributions can be made by business owners to save money.

PPC  The PPC campaigns our firm utilizes provide our team a quick glimpse as to how your website will perform once traffic is directed to it. The key to maximizing the results of your PPC budget is to create distinct forms contact that make differentiating sources of leads clear and simple. It's important to determine from monthly sales data and paid click costs a precise ROI figure.

If you're happy with your return and confident no other marketing or advertising channels are contributing to results, then proceed with PPC marketing with continuous precaution as to changes in performance. Most PPC campaigns are easy to manage once setup by an internet consultant.